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We work with our clients to identify their likes and dislikes and develop a customized food portfolio tailored to their specific dietary needs.  When Seasoned Kitchens stocks a fridge, we promise to utilize the freshest season produce and highest quality seafood, poultry and meats, deliver the food based on the client’s travel and social schedule and rotate dishes automatically based on client’s feedback.

The basic pricing structure is $60 per person, per day and that includes delivery. We request a 3- day minimum order. A sample day menu includes:

• Breakfast
• Lunch
• Dinner
• Two snacks

All foods are delivered fully cooked and ready to eat/heat.  Meats and soups can generally be frozen if not consumed in the first 3 days. All other foods are best consumed within 3-4 days for taste and freshness.  Seasoned Kitchens uses fresh, preservative-free ingredients which reduces food shelf life but increases quality human life.  We request a 3 day minimum order to include delivery.

Ready to get started?  Personalized customer service is a key component at Seasoned Kitchens. Fill out the form below and Seasoned Kitchens will create a food and service profile unique to you! It is time to “stock your fridge!”

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