Our Story

Seasoned Kitchens is an in-home “stock your-refrigerator” concept which focuses on high-quality seasonal food and personalized customer service.

We work with our clients to identify their likes and dislikes and develop a customized food portfolio tailored to their specific dietary needs.

Seasoned Kitchens’s food is delivered fully cooked and ready to eat/heat.  Meats and soups can generally be frozen if not consumed in the first three days. All other foods are best consumed within 3-4 days for taste and freshness. This is because Seasoned Kitchens uses fresh, preservative-free ingredients which reduces the shelf life of the food but is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Personalized customer service is also a key component of Seasoned Kitchens in our effort to establish long-term, dependable, intuitive relationships with clients. We work with your weekly schedule and accommodate social engagements as needed—be it a dinner for two or picnic for six for a day on the boat. Pricing is individualized based on specific needs. We suggest a minimum of a 3-day order per food delivery.