Property Management


Our Property Management Program: a Boon for You and Your Residents

Preferred Property Management

We are pleased to offer two types of programs for the Property Manager as an incentive for residents of large-scale condo and rental complexes. The beauty of these programs is:

  1. They are totally managed by Seasoned Kitchens and free-up your front desk staff from trying to manage and store multiple deliveries from food companies like Blue Apron; and
  2. Seasoned Kitchens handles resident door-to-door delivery coordinated with your security services guidelines.

How Does It Work?

Drop-off Points

Residents pre-order their food from the Seasoned Kitchens website and we deliver to their door (within your building’s policies and security guidelines) on a specific day within a specified time window.

We deal directly with the residents so your front desk personnel are no longer the “middle men.”

Pop-Up Points

Pop-ups are great fun for the residents because they’re convenient and have something different to offer. Here’s how it works:

  1. There is a designated day and time when we will set up in your lobby. We will provide tastings and weekly specials in addition to food ready for purchase. Our staff loves to interact with the residents and we are quick to point out this resident benefit is provided by your Property Management company.
  2. We also offer the same “drop-off” services.
  3. This is a fantastic perk if any of your units are specifically designated for Corporate Housing.
  4. We also provide brochures and coupons for inclusion in new resident welcome packages.
  5. If we are approved as either a Pop-Up or Drop-Off location for your facility, we would coordinate marketing and social media efforts to maximize resident exposure.

Based on your guidelines, the Drop-off and Pop-Up services can be opened to the entire neighborhood. It’s another great way to showcase your property through unique benefits and services not available at other locations in the neighborhood.

To learn more about our Property Management Program, call 847.338.2242 or email